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WIAMIS 2012 Keynote Talk

Dr. Shah will give a keynote talk on "Representing Actions, Events, and Activities as Motion Patterns" at the 13th International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services.

Automatic analysis of videos is one of most challenging problems in Computer vision. In this talk I will introduce the problem of action, event, and activity representation and recognition from video sequences. I will begin by giving a brief overview of a few interesting methods to solve this problem, including trajectories, volumes, and local interest points based representations.

The main part of the talk will focus on a newly developed framework for the discovery and statistical representation of motion patterns in videos, which can act as primitive, atomic actions. These action primitives are employed as a generalizable representation of articulated human actions, gestures, and facial expressions. The motion primitives are learned by hierarchical clustering of observed optical flow in four dimensional, spatial and motion flow space, and a sequence of these primitives can be represented as a simple string, a histogram, or a Hidden Markov model.

I will then describe methods to extend the framework of motion patterns estimation to the problem of multi-agent activity recognition. First, I will talk about transformation invariant matching of motion patterns in order to recognize simple events in surveillance scenarios. I will end the talk by presenting a framework in which a motion pattern represents the behavior of a single agent, while multi-agent activity takes the form of a graph, which can be compared to other activity graphs, by attributed inexact graph matching. This method is applied to the problem of American football plays recognition.

WIAMIS 2012 will be held from May 23-25, 2012. It is one of the main international events for the presentation and discussion of the latest technological advances in interactive multimedia services. The objective of the workshop is to bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry working in the areas of image, video and audio applications, with a special focus on analysis. After a series of successful meetings starting in 1997 in Louvain, WIAMIS 2012 will be held in Dublin City University, Ireland.